“Saving Lives!” -- Dr. Noel Lagman

“It makes me proud to be an EM because we are self-reliant and can do multiple tasks efficiently even under pressure.” --  Dr. Elen Canlas

“You get to be the first physician to touch the patient.  To do the best with what we have in our grasp during the patient’s most emergent moment, makes me proud that I chose the right field of specialty.” --  Dr. Chi Bello

“To teach minds, to touch hearts to transform lives!” -- Dr. Elis Maghirang

“Being an EM, I am humbled that the Lord has given me the grace to be part of His healing ministry most especially in the moments of a patient’s greatest need.” -- Dr. Johnny Perez

“Saving lives, rising above the chaos.  Simply BEING there.” -- Dr. Otek Dimagiba

These are only few reasons why we love our specialty –EMERGENCY MEDICINE! This very young specialty that has only been recognized as the 23rd medical specialty in 1979 continues to harness the potential of doctors to play the challenging role of a clinician in the chaotic environment of the emergency department.  In ensuring that ER patients receive the BEST care, the EM specialist must coordinate with various services, ensure that systems such as laboratory, radiology, nursing and medical records are working perfectly and facilitate timely and appropriate interventions.  Such indeed, are great tasks that require a quick but astute mind, a decisive yet sympathetic heart and an ability to weave the patient’s clinical management to a beautiful tapestry.


The Philippine College of Emergency Medicine, the specialty organization of emergency medicine physicians is now recognized by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) through the specialty division of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP).  Young as we are, we take the cudgels in innovating the practice of emergency medicine in our country from pre-hospital care, emergency department care and disaster preparedness through shared best practices, research endeavours and collaborative activities in training.

Now, the journey has begun...to simply save lives!