The Philippine College of Emergency Medicine (PCEM) has been seeking admittance to the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) for quite sometime. In June 2012, Dr. Faith Gearlan pursued further the application of PCEM in the IFEM assembly held in Dublin, Ireland. Processes were taken and requirements met in the next few months that followed. The IFEM board recommended for ratification in the next general assembly that the PCEM be admitted as a member of IFEM.

The IFEM had its annual general assembly in Denver, Colorado last October 2012. This gathering also coincided with the annual scientific assembly of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). The section of International Emergency Medicine of ACEP graciously hosted the activities of ICEM. On October 10, during the IFEM's third annual general assembly past activities were evaluated, updates of current collaborations and projects were reported. Pending and future endeavours were initiated or announced.

Part of the agenda was the ratification of the ICEM's board recommendation for new members. The Philippines and Costa Rica were the latest countries to have their Emergency Medicine associations which met the requirements for membership. Paper and digital copies of the constitution and by-laws were handed over to ICEM's Ms. Carol Reardon and overview Emergency Medicine in the Philippines was presented. A brief history, current state of Emergency Medicine practices and training programs were discussed by PCEM's Elis Maghirang. Dr. Dianne Peralta of Ospital ng Makati was also there to give support for the presentation.

After PCEM's presentation, Prof. Peter Cameron, IFEM president called for a motion for approval of PCEM to the IFEM. This was carried out by the member country representatives through a unanimous vote in favor the PCEM.

This marked the momentous event of the Philippine College of Emergency Medicine being granted full membership in the International Federation for Emergency Medicine.

This milestone will definitely open more opportunities for growth and advancement of the college and its members through the international arena of Emergency Medicine.

*photo shows PCEM's Dr. Elis Maghirang and Dr. Diane Peralta together IFEM's President Porf. Peter Cameron, after the historic acceptance of PCEM to the IFEM