The Phlippine College of Emergency Medicine (PCEM) through its Research and Academics Committee organized the 3rd WINFOCUS Basic Ultrasound Life Support Course as a preconvention workshop of the 2015 Annual PCEM Convention. This marks a milestone in the history of the college as it introduces bedside critical care ultrasound as a core skill in emergency medicine training in the Philippines.

WINFOCUS Malaysia President Dr. Adi Osman talked about the utility of bedside ultrasound in resolving clinical dilemmas in t he emergency department during the convention. Dr. Mahathar Abd Wahab, Course Director and emergency physician at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur then discussed clinical vignettes to further illustrate how emergency physicians can use ultrasound to improve their practice.

The Research and Academics Committee of PCEM hopes to continue training emergency physicians in the Philippines to use bedside ultrasound in their practice. During this course, another 27 participants acquired the skill in performing beside ultrasonography and interpreting the results.